Shaving Care For Men

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Care of the man including shaving razors, shaving creams and skin care, shaving brushes, accessories, other toiletries, toilet bags and shaving mirrors - couriered direct to you by overnight courier because all stock is carried in our New Zealand warehouses.

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  • Cut-Throat (Hand or Straight) Razors
    For the finest in shaves you cannot beat a cut-throat (or hand or straight) razor shave if the blade has been maintained correctly.
  • Razor Sharpening Strops and Paste
    Quality sharpening strops for your cut-throat (hand) razor along with pastes for maintaining the condition of the strops and pastes for sharpening the blades.
  • Safety Razors
    For a safe cut-free shave use a safety razor and maintain your skins texture with the best in soaps, creams and aftershaves.
  • Shaving Brushes
    Specialised brushes for shaving from synthetic and pig bristle through to the best in badger hair.
  • Shaving Mirrors
    Good quality shaving mirrors including those with heated anti-fog displays.
  • Shaving Mugs
    Elegant containers for hot water for shaving.
  • Shaving Sets
    Complete sets of shaving gear usually including brush, shaver and stand.
  • Shaving Soap and Cream.
    Lubricating, skin preparing and skin soothing products associated with sensible shaving.
  • Preshaves, Aftershaves, Deodorants and Colognes.
    The very best in classic preshaves, aftershaves, deodorants and colognes from around the world.
  • Toiletry Bags
    Bags suitable for the holding of wet shaving gear and other toiletry items.
  • Manicure Sets
    Manicure sets, for men, of tools for hand and nail care.